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Pictures of Skutsjesylen, Friesland, Holland.

Michelinmap of the area

Pictures of skutsjesylen were made on 2006, September, 4.
We made a day trip on 4 skutsjes with a group of dutch vets being invited by Intervet.
The company Annage at Eernewoude organized the trip.
The Skutsjes are all historic iron boats wich originate in the beginning of the 20th century.
At that time whole familys lived in the boats generating income by transport of different goods such as dung and peat.
They are boats without keel designed to sail in undeep water.
Pictures were made at National Parc Alde Faenen and the Pikmeer and connecting canals.
We had a great day!
Enjoy pictures of Skutsjesylen.

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