To the pictures

Winter pictures of outdoor iceskating in Holland.

The weekend of 2009 January 10-11 was a tremendous outdoor ice skating weekend!
It was possible to do skating tours at many different locations and the radio warned for traffic jams around the skating locations.
In this particular weekend the ice was better (stronger) in the middle of Holland than in Friesland wich is the Ellfstedentocht departement.
For the ice skates industry such as Viking it was a golden week because they got rid of a great (old) stock of skates.

I was at two places wich are shown in the pictures, skating all the time with my D300 on my hip.
I wass a little anxious for crashing on ice but I didn't fall.

First I was at Nieuwkoop skating from Nieuwkoop in the direction of Zwammerdam, then on the Meije canal and back to the bigger lakes in front of Nieuwkoop.
Google map Nieuwkoop
It was a great experience to get acces to areas one is not able to visit when there is no ice.
Large lakes with smooth dark ice floors alternated by small creeks with rough ice and deep snow coverd cracks wich caused many accidents by people falling.
The ripe covered reedland made me think of my grandfather whose parents were very poor and earned a living here by cutting and selling peat 80 years ago.

The second skating trip was at Kager Plassen.
We parked at Rijpwetering and skated along Zwarteweg to Vennemeer and to Zijp.
Afterwards we skated to Buitenkaag, from Buitenkaag along the Huigsloterdijk till Ade and then back to Rijpwetering.
Google map Kager plassen and Rijpwetering.
We had to walk along the shore (dutch: klunen) on our skates when passing some ferries.
The icesailing at Kager plassen was nice, the vehicles were silent and reached very high speeds.

I hope you enjoy the winter pictures as much as I did the skating.
Pieter Haringsma