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In this frame I will place the most recent pictures of Delft.
Some of these pictures will be added later to place related items.

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I intend to refresh the item on a regular basis

I hope you'll like this item with temporary pictures.

Pieter Haringsma

Pictures of the beginning of October.
After an awesome wet and cold summer we had a nice and dry autumn.
Last two pictures made with my new Nikon P9100.
Pictures quality is a little disappointing to my opinion but i can take it always in my pocket.
Pieter Haringsma

Pictures of the regional market at Boterbrug and Oude Delft on Saturday, September 4.
After lots and lots of rain in August we were very lucky with the weather this day.
Nice temperature and quite a lot of sunshine.
It was a small market with regional products like cheese, vegetables, honey, paprika's, bread, soap etc.
Nice atmosphere and nice decorations mainly paprika's.
The market was opened by the mare of Midden Delfland wich is the area south Delft till Rotterdam.
Finally two not too good HDR's of Noordeinde made out of hand.

HDR pictures made on January 30.
For some HDR info see 2009-09-20 on this page
This is a winter with more frost and snow than normally occurs in 10 years and I enjoy it!
The whole country ran out of road salt and trafficjams worsened.
Pictures are seriously processed, I hope you like them.
Pieter Haringsma

Pictures of sunday December 20.
Lots of snow for a small week, dark weather and little time beacause of my weekend duty.

Some pictures of the remains of the Bacinol building.
The building is being demolished because the future railwaytunnel crosses its place.
With the sun behind it was a beautiful scene.

Pictures of 2009-10-24 around midnight: Market, Clock of Nieuwe Kerk, view from Oude Kerk.
We were invited by Tjan van Loenen the clock and watch maker of Delft to see the change from summer to wintertime at the two old church clocks of Delft.
The clock of the Nieuwe Kerk is a huge one wich was built in 1654.
It is still is in its original state however an elecrical winding device lifts up the counterweights nowadays.
The holes in the drum were hand made and had a price of 5 cent per hole at that time.
Metal pins planted in the square holes (not visible in the pictures) of the drum drive the carillion every quarter.
Tjan showed himself a real clock magician doing a complex procedure at a high speed.

After the Nieuwe Kerk we went to the Oude Kerk clock.
On the higher levels of the tower hundreds of thousands of living and dead flies were covering the floors and walls.
The crispy sound of the flies being grinded under our shoes was horrifying.
One picture from the highlighted tower, the Nieuwe Kerk in the background.
The website of our local Clockmaker Tjan van Loenen

Yesterday I made some pictures of the interior of the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft.
The two old churches are owned by the Reformed Parish of Delft.
Part of the restauration costs is payed by the Monument Care authorities and part by the parish.
For a fund raising folder I had to make pictures of a window and the organ.

For a few euro's one can visit both churches (combiticket), worth the money!
In the Nieuwe Kerk the morning service is always available in an English translation by headphones.

Pictures of September 12 made from the Watertower wich is at the end of Noordeinde.
Part of the pictures are HDR images composed of 3-5 pictures with different shutterspeeds from -2 to +2 and made with use of a tripod.
Afterwards they were processed with Photomatix.
It was just an experiment and the pictures differ quite a lot in color tone.
Many thanks to Werner the owner of the Watertower for giving me acces.
Site of Watertoren Delft
Enjoy, Pieter Haringsma

Some new Delft pictures after a long long time...
We have had a very good spring and start of the summer with lots of sunshine and not to high temperatures.
However because of my own business I had little time to go out for pictures.
After the summer I intend to produce some new items.
Pieter Haringsma.

Pictures of two different days and seasons
First an unpublished series of June and lower a number of pictures of September.

First pictures made with D300 made on 2008-10-06.
We've had some weeks of pretty good weather, beautifully coloured trees.
The canal trees in Delft are all Linden trees and are loosing their leaves very early in Autumn.
I've just been in Leiden to make autumn pictures and trees had more leaves there.

The rest of the pictures I made on April 9.
We've had a week with lots of sunshine, the town is beautiful now.

Morning pictures of April 9. It was quite cold, no wind and a clear sky.
Very nice reflections of buildings in the canals.
Some groups of tourists on the market.

In an attempt to empty the camera folder in my computer I found some subfolders of older unpublished pictures of Delft.
Those are made on 2007-10-16.

Pictures of 2008-02-15.
Kalverbos with narcissus, Oude Delft at corner Kolk and next to the Oude Kerk.

Pictures of Saturday 2007-12-22 .
On Saturday December 22 we had very nice wheather conditions. After a week of frost and bits of fog we had a very bright day.
So me and my family went to Delftse Hout in the morning. This is an area with remnants of old landscape and an adjacent park with a lake.
The trees where extremely beautiful and many people wher busy with their digital cameras.
I also made some pictures along the Rhine-Schie Channel from the Reineveldbridge to Eastgate.
Finally take a close look at the Nieuwe Kerk wich anti pigeon net was frozen and had changed like a milkglas.
Enjoy like I did!

Trying to compensate the lack of new photos of last month I added this series of wich I am quite confident.
Pictures made on three occasions during the first half of September.
In town I have a lot of fun using my new 12-24mm Nikkor lens wich gives a lot less distortion and a wider angle of view compared to my old 18-70mm Nikkor.
Using Photoshop and a plugin Aurelion I now try to reduce visible distortion.

Pictures of 2007-09-01
Again some pictures of Oude Delft, near my house.
After a hot spring we've had a very long period af instable weather during summer.
My camera had to be send in for repair wich took a crazy 4 weeks time.
(typical Nikon D70 problem: CHA errrors while writing files to the CF card.
Quite frequent problem of this type of camera, should be guarantee, however I had to pay 122 euro for replacement of the CF slot)
We spent the summer holiday in Norway and afterwards had a diseased employee so little time for pictures.
Pictures were made with a 12-24 Nikkor lens.

Some flowerpictures at Oude Delft and Verwersdijk taken while cycling to the only post office wich is at the opposite site of the old town in the new shopping centre.
At the corner of Kolk and Oude Delft there are beautiful pink roses every year.
At Verwersdijk hollyhocks grow from between the pavement.

I was very lucky having the opportunity to visit the tower of the Oude Kerk on my own on saturday april 22.
This tower wich stands not completely perpendicular, is closed to the public.
At two levels one can walk around the tower outdoor.
First at the level of the clocks and second at the level of the tops of the four smaller peaks.
Sadly at the level of the wooden slides (bell-level below the before mentioned levels) it is not possible to make pictures because all openings have been closed by wirenetting to prevent pigeons from entering the tower.
Before I was allowed to enter the tower from the inside of the church I had to wait untill a cermony of the Salvation Army had started. I've added some pictures of their procession.

Pictures of different dates.
Last week we had one day with snow wich I missed while I had to work all day.

Pictures of sunday 14th of January.
The weather is very warm for this period of the year.
Average day temp 8-10 degrees Celsius I guess with a lot of wind and rain.
Sunday and monday the weather was fine so I took a walk.

Two pictures of 2006-12-18.
Sunset at marketsquare with Christmas tree in front of the town hall.
I had to make pictures without tripod so most of them thrown away.

Pictures taken on oktober, 30th from the watertower.
This watertower is at the end of Noordeinde and was built in 1896 for 16,000 Guilders.
It has not been in use for a long time has been sold for 1 euro to make restauration possible.
One million euros are spent to restaurate the tower.
Afterwards a Meditation an Yoga Centre will be situated here and probably a small restaurant.
From the grit covered roof one has a magnifiscent view on the town and the surrounding area.
I'll try to return soon because I'm not satisfied by those pics.

Some Bagijnhof pictures.
Some pictures also visible in the Bagijnhof item.

I tried to do it a little different with more eye for details now and than.
Eating an icecream with my daughter on the market I saw the reflection of the tower wich was very clear.

After a post-holiday dip I started again motivated by my webcounter.
After the hottest July in 300 years, during wich I was in cooler Spain, we are suffering the wettest August ever!
In Holland August has an avarage rainfall of 60mm. This month Delft suffered already more than 240mm.
And this was not produced by drizzling! Many heavy (thunder) showers hit us!
Some houses in the town centre have had recurrent flooding of cellars and ground floors.
Preventive measures are taken such as closing different canals and lowering of water levels using big pumps.
We've also had some shiny day's as you can see.
Have fun!

Final update before summerholiday.
Pictures made on June 30th and July 4th.

No specific info

Saturday afternoon.
We've had weeks of rain and extreme cold, 5-10 degrees Celcius.
The Kruithuis is located 1 mile south of the Zuidwal along the Rhine-Schie Channel.
This was built after the "old one" exploded at the Paardenmarkt 401 years ago.
Officially you have no free acces but asking politely works very well!

After a cold start spring is in a hot hurry now!
Especially the leaves of the trees are very beautiful.
I payed a small repair of my watch with three icecreams at the Stadsuurwerkmaker.
Had an icecream with my daughter Wieke and cycled half an hour through the town centre.
Pictures of Nieuwe Plantage, Verwerdijk, Market, Koornmarkt and Oude Delft.

Sunny saturday afternoon after a drizzly morning but quite cold, only nine degrees Celcius.
On my way to buy some cheese, croissants an paint I took my camera.
Lots of tourists in town, this weekend is museum weekend with free acces to all museums, free lectures etctera.
New pavement finished on St. Agathasquare adjacent to Princenhof.

Pictures of monday March 20th.
While many people search for Meisjeshuis at Oude Delft I took some more pictures of it.
It is is a former girls orphanage originating in 1769.
Last year it was completely restored and is a beautiful building.

Enjoy, Pieter Haringsma