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Wijk bij Duurstede is a very picturesque village situated in the typical Dutch river landscape.
It is located at the northern bank of the river Nederrhine wich is a branch of the Rhine.
After passing the Amsterdam-Rhine Channel, the river is called Lek.
My River Lek pictures.

At Wijk bij Duurstede there was a castellum in Roman times.
In the middle ages it was an important trade centre called Dorestad (stad means city).
Around 850 the city was defeated by the Vikings (The Norwegians never made excuses!!) and other villages took over its trade function.

The old town centre is worth a visit as is the surrounding landscape wich is very suitable for cycling.
The castle (ruin) is adjacent to the town centre and originates in the early 13th century

There are several small ferries crossing the river on wich one can cross by bike for 2 euro's.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of Wijk by Duurstede.
Pieter Haringsma