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Polder pictures of Holland
Pictures of the Wiericke Canals and surrounding polder.
Pictures are made on May 20, 2004, Ascension Day.

The Wiericke canals are located in the polder east of the city of Gouda.
In the pictures you see the Enkele (=single) Wiericke.
The Dubbele (double) Wiericke is larger and runs parallel to the first one 3/4 of a mile eastward .
The Wiericke canals connect the rivers Hollandsche IJssel and Oude Rijn the water level being about 4m above the polder level.
The polder itself is about -1,6m under sealevel.
So George W. if you read this sign Kyoto please.

This is the landscape that I like, water, grass willows and cows.
Enjoy the polder pictures.