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Pictures of the polder near Polsbroekerdam.
Pictures of 2008-02-17
The Damweg connects Oudewater to Polsbroekerdam.
Halfway the road the Achterwetering, a canal, runs in eastern direction.
The first part has been widened creating a irregular shaped lake with adjacent swamp and reedland.
The very old footpath called kaai (footpath on a narrow quay) originally ran parallel to the wetering and now is the southern border of the lake.
As I have some farmer remnants in my brain so I originally hated this kind of nature creation by man.
However the result is really amazing and walking there is really a pleasure.
Enjoy the pictures.

Some pictures of outdoor Ice Skating at Polsbroekerdam, Holland.
Pictures of 2003 January
The pictures of ice skating in Holland with my first digicam, a Sony Mavica even containing a floppydisk.
Polsbroekerdam is a very small village south of Oudewater.
The pictures show you typical Dutch winter landscape, the only sound you can hear is that of skates on ice.

Ice Skating is a very popular outdoor activity in the Netherlands.
However the last decenium we've had very little good outdoor ice.
If there is good ice special skating-tours are organized near Polsbroekerdam and many other places.

I hope you like the pictures.
Pieter Haringsma