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Photos of Oudewater
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Photos of the historic town centre of Oudewater.
Oudewater, the witches' town is situated in the middle of Holland between Gouda and Utrecht.
The town has a very picturesque centre with the Witches Weighhouse built in 1595 as well-known touristic attraction.
Much of the city centre comprises of listed monuments.
The city is surrounded by very typical Dutch polder landscape.
Walking from Oudewater to Linschoten by the Zuid Linschoter Zandweg, around the small forest and back really will show you best of Holland.
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The town has an old rope industry reason why the inhabitants were formerly called yellow-bellies.
The history of the rope industry is shown in the small Rope Museum.

The beautiful town hall is located in the centre of the town and has a very old stork's nest on its roof.

The St. Michaels church was built in the 15th century and has a typical saddle shaped roof on the tower.