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Pictures of Noorden and Natural Park "de Haak".

Pictures of Noorden were made on 2008 oktober and second part on 2005, January 16th.
Noorden is a very small village close to Nieuwkoop, located in the middle of the triangel of Leiden-Utrecht-Amsterdam.
The area around Noorden and Nieuwkoop is a waterrich area with polders, lowmoors, reedlands, canals and small lakes.
This area is called the green hart of Holland.

In Noorden my grandfather Cor de Graaf was born in 1911.
His parents were very poor and lived from digging peat and fishing with fish pot and floaters on eel, pike-perch etc.
They had some cows and rabbits fed with gras they cut from the verges because they had no land.
His father almost died of tuberculosis when he was young.
Their house was built on the moor so over the years it sunk into it so they had to step up leaving their house.
His favorite bird was the Grebe, visible in one of the pictures.

De Haak is a small natural area with some public footpaths.
You walk between small lakes and trees on lowmoor.
The soil is so weak that you can feel it undulate when walking.
Acces is free!

I hope you like the pictures of Noorden!
Pieter Haringsma