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Pictures of Limburg, brooks Geul and Gulp, Holland.

Pictures of Limburg were made in the beginning of May 2005.
This is the most southern part of Holland, enclosed by Belgium in the south and west an Germany in the east.
The pictures show you the landscape of Limburg around the brooks Geul and Gulp.
The Gulp is smaller and a branch of the Geul.
Along both brooks there are many miles of public footpaths.
In this beautiful area wich is quite touristic are many hotels and campsites.
This is the only accidented area of Holland.

Grass covered valleys with Poplar and Willow trees along the brooks.
The Poplar trees are frequently parasitized by Mistletoe plants resembling bird nests.
Calm beef cattle was grazing along both shores kindly posing for my camera.
The rare Zinc-violet (Viola calaminaria) is growing on the shores.
Because the soil was quite wet we saw many Grapevine Snails.

The first part of the pictures was taken along the Geul.
Below the sunset photos the Gulp area is shown.
Finally the beautiful castle Schaloen at Oud-Valkenburg is shown.
The nice botanical garden is open to the public and shows plants and crops cultivated by farmers past in the past.
It is really worth a visit.

Website of Garden Oud-Valkenburg

Pictures of Limburg by Ton Reijnaerdts

I hope you enjoy pictures of Limburg, Holland.
Pieter Haringsma