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Pictures of Elburg.

Pictures of Elburg were taken May 31, 2004.
Elburg is a small town located southwest of Zwolle in the province of Gelderland.
During my visit weather was drizzly so sky is very pale on the pictures.
That week we suffered severe cold in our tent.

Elburg has a very picturesque town centre with a prominent fish gate built in 1392.
At that time Elburg was located at the coast of the Zuiderzee (~Southern sea).
The Zuiderzee was drained partially in the first half of the 20th century leaving some smaller lakes.

There's a nice little harbour and little canals are flowing through the town
The very small wall houses were built for the poor leaning against the old city wall.
The town is really worth a visit!

The last three pictures show an old manor house and an small farm near Elburg.

Enjoy pictures of Elburg.
Pieter Haringsma