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Pictures of Deltaworks in Holland.

You can see pictures of the Oosterschelde Dam wich is part of the DeltaWorks in the province of Zeeland.
Pictures were taken 2004, October from the former working Isle Neeltje Jans and comprise the dam, the beach, windmills and the Ir. J. Topshouse.
At working isle Neeltje Jans there is a nice visitorscentre.
Because I'd been there several times and it was fairly cold we did not visit it again.

This dam, the last major dam-project of the Deltaworks, was finished in 1986 and comprises of 63 columns.
It encloses two isles of wich Neeltje Jans is the largest.
Between the columns 62 slides are hanging wich can be lowered in case of dangerous high tide.
When the slides are lowered no water can go in or out the Oosterschelde.
When the gates are open, water flows through a total of 115000m2, leaving 75% of the original tidal movements in the Oosterschelde.

I hope you like pictures of Deltaworks
Pieter Haringsma.

More historical and technical information about Deltaworks.

Visitorscentre Neeltje Jans